About us

http://lanalifecare.com/?utm_source=Google http://9charm.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1635265303.6372900009155273437500 About us http://planetaiire.fr/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1635263241.7127239704132080078125 We are blind Arab developers who care about the programs of the blind and the games that interest us. We created the site in 2019 with an agreement between the team members, it was our page very small, but we liked to offer more to this group of society, so we started hosting some games and modifying them, so we were happy for the joy of our blind brothers.
What is our ambitions?
1 We hope that our site includes sites that include all aspects of services for the blind.
2 We hope that we learn more to put everything we learned on this site.
3 We hope we can get biger server to develop our needs.
4 We hope that this site will one day be one of the sites supported by large companies in the field of programming.
We believe in the capabilities of the blind, which is why we want to prove to this world some of our capabilities.
The obstacles that we can face?
1 The financial capabilities that make our site limited in capabilities. For this reason, we wish you help us to overcome this obstacle
2 Some distances between team members make this difficult for communication among all members
3 Weakness of the Internet in some places, as you know, we are uploading large files on the server to improve performance
Finally, we wish you our dear visitor, success and success, and we hope that our site helped you one day.
Donate to us
Donate to us via Paypal for $ 5
Hand in hand to achieve our goals
Dear visitor, we wish you to help us develop to achieve our goals

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